TheStrat Patterns Indicator

TheStrat Patterns

This indicator will draw patterns based on Rob Smith's TheStrat as they emerge in real time on your chart.

As price evolves over time, TheStrat defines 18 distinct price action patterns that can help you get good entries in the market. Each pattern involves two or three candles, and the indicator will draw a bounding box around the candles and name the pattern. The colour of the box will visually indicate the direction of trade expected by the pattern.

Supported Patterns

This indicator supports and displays the following patterns (image below):



The latest version of the indicator offers multiple display modes, so as you learn to recognise the patterns, you can change the way they are highlighted, reducing the visual prompts until you are completely comfortable you can recognise them instantly.

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TheStrat Patterns for MT4

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TheStrat Patterns for MT5

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Example of a 1-2-2d reversal

Example of a 1-2-2u reversal

Example of a 2-1-2d reversal

Example of a 3-1-2u Continuation

Supported Patterns from #TheStrat

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Demonstration Video