TheStrat Suite

We provide a collection of Indicators for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 (MT4 and MT5) that you can use alongside the strategy to enhance your trading experience and performance.

If you don't already know about TheStrat trading strategy, have a look at our introduction to TheStrat where you can learn more.

Our indicators are designed to work independently, or together, to help you trade to the best advantage.

  • TheStrat Candles is intended to help you learn to recognise the different candle types, or alternatively can be used when reviewing a charts history it can help you spot opportunities and see how your trading style may have faired.

  • TheStrat Patterns shows in realtime, on the chart, patterns as they form. This helps when learning to recognise them yourself, and also helps you find the best time to enter a trade.

  • TheStrat Levels plots on the chart all the potential entry points on key timeframes. This helps when you are looking for an entry on the lower timeframes and saves having to flip backwards and forwards between different charts, or different timeframes on the same chart. Also shows potential target and stop levels.

  • TheStrat FTFC draws a channel on the chart of the highs and lows of the full timeframe consistancy (FTFC). When above the channel high, or below the channel low, you can trade agressively long or short respectively, and when between the two, price action will be choppier and it is better to trade more conservatively.

  • TheStrat TFC is an alternative to the FTFC indicator, and displays the current candle state of the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly candles as a group in the corner of the chart.

  • TheStrat Monitor provides an immediate snapshot, for a concurrent selection of symbols, of the current market state using TheStrat principals.

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TheStrat Monitor

$150 USD for lifetime ownership

$120 USD per year rental

$90 USD for 6 months rental

$60 USD for 3 months rental

$30 USD for a 1 month rental